ActionActors AustraliaWelcome to ActionActors. We are a temp/casual contract HR service sourcing non-acting work for actors who need to take on other work to help pay the bills between acting jobs.

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Most actors have to undertake non-acting work to pay the bills between their acting gigs. Join up with ActionActors and eventually we’ll be sending you casual work opportunities.

You have nothing to lose by joining, it’s free, you can still work through other employment agencies and you’re not obliged to accept the job opportunities that are offered.

Started by NZ Actors Equity board member Bruce Hopkins, ActionActors has recently launched in Australia. We need sufficient numbers of personnel on our books before we can go to market, so the sooner you get on board the sooner we can start finding temp/casual work for you!

Here’s what NZ ActionActor Becky says;

“… the variation in the projects I’ve worked on is unbelievable; an organised flash mob, stuffing goody bags, multiple office admin roles, brand promo, personal assistant, etc…I’ve been able to make some incredible contacts along the way, and I can’t stress how simple the whole process is from booking the job to getting paid. The age-old dilemma that all actors face has been solved and you can now earn a generous hourly wage while enjoying varied work and maintaining your flexibility and freedom. I could not be more grateful for Action Actors and everything they’ve done for me so far.”

So take a few minutes and fill in the online form, let ActionActors help you find that work!

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We have a growing database of over 370 actors in NZ, here in Australia we need at least 600 actors on our database before we can confidently launch the site to clients, so the sooner you sign up – the sooner we can go live – and get the jobs flowing!

Most professional actors have a diverse range of work skills that employers really appreciate! It’s free to join ActionActors – our only requirements are that you are meet one of the following; are listed with a respected actors agency, have a proven acting or performing CV,  have completed or are currently doing tertiary level training as a actor/performer.

When we find you work – we charge the client a fee, not you!

So Join Now – and tell any actors you know about us also!

Thanks, I look forward to having you on board and helping you get the bills paid!

Bruce Hopkins

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March 2013 - ActionActors Launches in Australia

Already a proven success in New Zealand, ActionActors is now set to launch in Australia.

Established in late 2011, the web based service has already provided aspiring and experienced actors and performers in New Zealand with over a quarter of a million in supplementary income.


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